The feeling of being high off of painkillers, specifically ones containing hydrocodone. To be in the state of extreme euphoria.
I was snapped out last night, felt like i was on cloud nine!
by Famazing March 28, 2012
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to act out violently in a fit of anger or frustration
When she learned what he had done, she snapped out and destroyed all his posters.
by mandingoe May 18, 2004
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a girl who likes it a little rough and wild in various places.
Guy #1: Hey, did you get with CeCe last night?
Guy #2: Yeah man, she wanted me to slap her a** all night. I swear she was a snap out broad!
by libflynn August 6, 2008
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Synonymous with telling someone to piss off, up yours, and fuck off. Used in a usually stern voice.
Thomas was being grumpy to everyone at work, so his friend Carlos told him to "take a snap out of my ass" when he became rude to him.

Kim told everyone to "take a snap out of her ass" because she didn't feel good.
by Carmine Crow April 30, 2022
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To snap one out or snapping one out is a Bay-Area term for the action of masturbaiting or jerking off.
Hey bro I'll be right there I'm snapping one out real quick on pornhub to Mia Khalifia


Chad always sits in the back of class so he can snap one out, thinking no one will notice.
by 69soldier February 26, 2017
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As in the Arctic Monkeys song, you are telling one that they need to drop their current lover because they are a walking red flag
"i wanna grab both your shoulders and say snap out of it"
by sarahdidntsmile April 25, 2023
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