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An excuse for when they've run away from a fight or conflict instead of standing up for themselves.
Little Poof: Yeah, I was the bigger man and walked away.
Actual Man: So you ran away instead of sticking up for yourself?
Little Poof: No, I was being the bigger man.
Actual Man: So you ran away?
Little Poof: No, I was being the bigger man! *proceeds to break down in tears because he isn't a real man*
by P0T4T0_AIM March 27, 2018
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A pointless photo-sharing app designed for lonely thots to fit in with the current trends and look cool. In 1% of use cases, people usually send nice pictures or videos to each other with a caption like "This looks amazing" to show their friends something cool. In 99% of use cases Snapchat is used as a way to send a picture of whatever their phone's camera is looking at with a caption titled "steaks". Now all the millenial and gen z thots can have a precious "streak" with each other, the longer the streak, the cooler you are (for some reason).
"I am so popular because I add random paedophiles on Snapchat and have a streak with them. Look at how I fit in."
by P0T4T0_AIM November 4, 2018
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