When you get a 100 snap streak you both have to Have sex and then forget it ever happened
I got a 100 snap streak with Greg I’ma shag quick and forget ina bit
by Faze greggor kids November 15, 2019
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On Snapchat, a snap that is sent to all of ones streaks. It is not personalized and it general.
"Did you just send me a streak snap?"
"Yes, you sent that to everyone and it's so basic"
by Fluffy Nuggets April 12, 2017
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A snap streak of 100 is when you and another person snap each other for long enough to achieve a streak of 100. It also means that you and the other person must have sex at least once
Emma: OMG me and Ron have a Snap streak 100
Rebecca: Make sure he wears a condom when you guys fuck
by Hot catboy March 25, 2022
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