A sexual act where two males 69 and fill each other's mouth with cum. Then you turn over and blow spooge into each other's faces.
Jeff and I did the snake venom last night. Shit was nasty!
by gameking28 November 24, 2010
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When a highschooler has no alcohol, so they steal a tiny amount of several different types of liquor and keep it in the same container; usually a water bottle.
“Yo this snake venom smells like fucking gasoline fam”
by 860boy October 30, 2017
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During intercourse, at moment of male climax, you do not "pull out" in time thus causing ejaculation inside the female. Your only option is to quickly suck the ejaculant out like you would the venom from a snake bite. If not done in quick enough time your ejaculant may as well be venom because at that moment your life is over.
"Last night I didn't pull out in time. I had to act fast and suck out the snake venom. "
by Charles Manson's Nephew August 8, 2015
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By far top 10 most successful Roblox Serverside scripts in the community, the creators (mongrio, Ax) are very social and host their SS for $25, but some say that it's really skiddy.
Snake Venom SS V2 do be vibing with the roblox serversides B)
by Booz Bol May 20, 2021
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Big Boss' body double/phantom, who appears in MGSV:TPP. He is most noticeable by his appearance. He has a chunk of metal sticking out of his forehead, meant to look like the devil's horn. His left arm is bionic, and is bright red, possibly meant to look like blood. In 1975, he was known as "The Medic". He was involved in a freak accident that year. A bomb exploded nearby, causing him to jump in front of Big Boss to protect him. This sent him into a nine year coma, along with Big Boss. He was supposed to be assassinated by Cipher's XOF forces, but they all failed. One woman, known as Quiet, was severely burned, and fell out a window, plummeting to her death. The man who saved him, was none other than Big Boss, who told Venom Snake to call him "Ishmael". Venom Snake met up with Ocelot after escaping the burning hospital in Cyprus. He soon after rescued Kazuhira Miller from the Soviets. After that, he took command of Diamond Dogs. (Also a David Bowie song.) Miller and Venom had only one thing left to do... take revenge.
"V has come to." -Unknown
"Kaz... I'm already a demon." -Venom Snake
by mgsfan December 12, 2016
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(N)A frat house drinking game where a male fills their foreskin with alcohol and when someone goes to drink it they urinate in their mouth as well.
I tricked my mates into doing Snake venom shots with the bros.
by Dexteraussie99 September 30, 2022
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