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A specific sexual act, possibly created by Colonel Horace Gentleman and Tennessee Williams back in P-Town. The exact details of what constitutes a "Rusty Venture" are in question, but here are several possible answers:

*Note* Most of the descriptions listed are gay sexual acts.

1. When you jerk off so much your dick gets all red and sore. - Brock's description (and widely believed to be the real one due to it being the only act that could likely be something Rusty himself has done).

2. When you take your finger and run it around a guy's asshole while you jack the guy off into his own mouth. - The Alchemist's description

3. A Snake Venom - Shoreleave's description

4. A Double Frogman - Colonel Gentleman's description

5. When you fist a guy then open up your hand inside his ass and grab. Whatever you come out with you rub on his dick. - Watch's description

6. When you take a girl out for a huge dinner but you don't let her use the restroom. Then you have anal sex with her and she poops all over your dick. So right when you're about to get off you take it out and blow shit-cum on her back. That's the rusty part. The venture part is where you eat that junk off her back without using your hands. - Ward's description

7. A handjob that involves rubbing shit all over a guy's dick, a turkey baster, and both parties eating their way through something while in a bathtub. - Triana's description
I'm gonna give you a Rusty Venture!
by gameking28 November 24, 2010

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A sexual act where two males 69 and fill each other's mouth with cum. Then you turn over and blow spooge into each other's faces.
Jeff and I did the snake venom last night. Shit was nasty!
by gameking28 November 24, 2010

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A sexual act where you take a scuba snorkel and put your dick in the bendy mouth part then put the other end up your ass. Then grab the middle and you'll be fucking your own ass and jacking off at the same time until you blow a load into your own ass.
I gave myself a Double Frogman today after doing some snorkeling. Shit was so cash.
by gameking28 November 24, 2010

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