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A nickname that some people with the last name "murphy" use.

This is because, maybe that person has a good sense of humor, or just likes the smurfs. Or maybe theyve never even heard of the smurfs and just hated their last name (murphy, which is irish) and thought "how can i improve my last name" and then thought of the word smurph.

Smurph, and A smurf. Are obviously two totally different things. keep that in mind. Also, someone with the nickname; smurph -note the PH.. Not F. May be very offended if you spell their name with a F... As you may be implying they look like a smurf, but hey.. That might be a good thing.
Friend: "yo smurph, you comin' to the game this saturday?"
Smurph: "ill pass"
by LydiaaSmurph April 30, 2012
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should differenciated from the little people "smurfs" being spelled with a "ph" and not a "f"

they are special beings and our also used as every other word in a sentance

first the story of the smurphs

once upon a time in LALA Land there was Smurphville (plz note tht it is a"ph" not "f"/ wer special)
In Smurphville there lived the "Smurphz" (purple skinned w/ pink polka dotz)
The Smurphz lived in happiness and prosperity(or however u spell it) they frolicked in flower fieldz and laughed all d time.


one day saragamesh came along......
she was OFFENDED! *gasp*

so she cast a curse on Smurphville.....

and because of tht all d Smurphz started
doin shisha....
and.................................. *tension tension!!!!*

OFFENDING PPL!!! *shocked voices*

so tht wuz d story of d Smurphz. We all origionate frm d Smurphz!
what the smurph!!

smurph you go to lala land!!
by god smurph July 30, 2006
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