When you go to take a dump in a "Port-a-John" type toilet and it has been recently cleaned and you get a splash back that gets the blue liquid all over your ass and balls.
I just went to take a dump and I got smurfed.
by jammats69 September 9, 2014
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To get slapped across the cheeks by a penis till they turn blue.
OMG, his cheecks are blue, he has been 'Smurfed'!
by Matthew B December 5, 2004
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When you take a dump in a port a potty and the blue liquid splashes your butt.
OMG, his cheeks are blue, he has been ‘Smurfed’!
by DeuceDeuceGang June 23, 2018
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My friend Smurfed me on my porch when i wasnt looking....
by Jenny September 6, 2004
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When an attractive girl sends you all the signals that will make you think that you totally and absolutely will sleep with her that night and it never happens for no definitive reason, resulting in the condition known as blue balls.
Guy 1: Dude, I'm totally making out with this chick at the bar. I am so taking her home!
Guy 2: Awesome!
2 minutes later...
Guy 1: The chick just left! I thought she was gonna sleep with me!
Guy 2: Sorry dude, you just got smurfed!
by Tongman December 27, 2013
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Dean: “Yeah dude, she blue-balled me last night.”

Isaac: “Nah man she definitely smurfed you.”

Dean: “Shut the fuck up, asshole.”
by Mr. Razzle Dazzle Rose June 15, 2020
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While fucking a girl in a porta-john, you dunk her head into the toilet. Her head comes up covered in blue liquid. Pull out and cum on the top of her head. Resembling a smurf with the little white hat.
Went to the state fair last week and smurfed a chick. She then said, "I smurfing love it when you smurf me all of the smurfing smurf". So I said, "You're smurfing welcome, you smurfing smurf"
by Badger59 May 10, 2009
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