City dweller, especially from a capital or on of the primary cities of a nation.
Often best applied to a city dweller who is out of place in country or sub-urban surroundings.
Someone from a 'big smoke' environment.
A concrete Tarzan.
Possible car theif.
Bloke 1: Dave, your mate Mick's got a headstrong attitude, why's he in people's faces all the time?
Bloke 2: He's a good guy, mate, but what'd you expect, dude's a fucking smoke monkey.
by Snowcaller September 3, 2014
An African American Black Dad who sits in a lawn chair and cooks on his Barbecue at the family barbecue.
The smoke monkey hasn’t left his lawn chair and has been cooking his steaks for the whole day.
by Lebo Luke January 1, 2021
Refers to a woman's vagina after she has undergone laser hair removal from her pubic region.
Hey, check out Beth's smoking monkey, she just got back from the laser hair removal clinic; She's ready for bikini season now!
by SFK October 5, 2006
a person who looks like a monkey, and smokes alot.
casso is such a smoking monkey.
by trfc4eva May 18, 2006
a stoner that smokes too much weed and tries to wrangle more people into being a smoke monkey...
"dude there's a smoke monkey after me!"
by amesdale August 23, 2008
to suck dick.
monkey bowl: a dick
"u wanna go smoke monkey bowl after school" asked Cisco
by ryan* January 30, 2008
The act of masterbating in a very vigorous way to get your load off because of being old.
Paul is so old he is always smoking the monkey trying to get his load off. The Man has severe calloused hands.
by Clamer September 2, 2017