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1. Noun: A slang term for a long, passionate session of anal sex.

2. Noun: The ability to kick major ass in a short period of time.

3. Noun: A term, probably urban legend, to describe a sadistic sex act used on P.O.W.s involving a lit cigarette and someone's rectum.

4. Verb: To open a can of whupass.

5. Adjective: Used to describe a pothead, usually as a mild insult.
1. Jeff: Dude you should've been there last night, I watched a marathon of Doctor Who!
Trevor: Ha, you loser, I did some smoke ass with my girl last night and she came at least a dozen times. You need to get out more.

2. Yo, didja see what Jack Bauer did last night? Dude was putting some hardcore smoke ass on some terrorist bastards.

3. Legend has it the German S.S. tortured American spies with smoke ass during World War Two. Some of them probably liked it.

Tyrell: Yo nigga, yo wan' fuck wid dis, yo lil pussy ass nigga?
Rashad: Get da fuck outta mah face nigga, or Ima gonna smoke you ass like a motherfuckin' turkey on Thanksgiving.

5. Dillon is a lazy smoke ass slacker who can't get his shit together.
by Fedora Jack April 01, 2016
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1. A rump that appears to be superb while fully clothed but who's naked appearance disappoints greatly.

2. The misleading appearance of an attractive rump.
"Dude, Cindy is a total smoke ass. When I got her naked that fine rump turned out to be a pair of soggy flapjacks"
by Jobdon June 30, 2016
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