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A person who complains and bicker to everyone about meaningless matters. Never finding positive in situations and try to bring mutual misery amongst people in their surroundings.
Joey everyday you complain to Andra about those reports that no one looks at. You do understand that no one likes to work with a smellfungus and only tolerate you cause they have to.
by gotchathistime March 17, 2011
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Smellfungus means a person who complains and bickers to everyone about meaningless matters, who is a hypocritical and habitual, captious critic or faultfinder. A disagreeable curmudgeon who finds fault in everything, who loves misery and sharing it with others. This was all created after Smelfungus, a hypercritical character in Laurence Sterne's 1768 novel, A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy. Earliest documented use: 1807.
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Arnold! Stop bickering to everyone about there stupid meaningless matters! You, always fault everything anyone does and its making other people feel sorrowful. You are just this captious, smellfungus critic that everyone hates to be around, and, plus you are just losing reputation. No one wants to tolerate you, but we have to so shut up and be quiet for once! (your such a Lochlan.)
by rickieredbb June 15, 2019
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a person who bitches, pisses and moans, and gripes about absolutely everything.
My wife was the quintessential smellfungus. No matter what I did or said, nothing was good enough. She was on me like a June bug on a porch light.
by weave September 22, 2003
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