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During the In Vitro Fertilzation process, the name for the combination of eggs and sperm after retrieval of the womans eggs, and before the implantaion of the blastocysts.
The doctor just fertilized her eggs with my sperm and now we have to wait three to five days while our smeggs mature to the proper size before they can be implanted.
by djnuva February 23, 2010
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Smegg is a word used to describe another persons love when you yourself find this person unattractive. This may simply be because of a certain feature about them that you dislike e.g they have no eyebrows (which this source finds attractive on goth guys despite what a certain person might say). Sound confusing? Look at the example.
Eww, don't tell me that's your smegg?!
by HellishxGothxPhreaq September 17, 2006
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