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The act of taking a shit, smoking a blunt, and playing halo simultaneously.
person 1: God Damn!
person 2: What?
person 1: I wish i had a bathroom adjacent to my television like Smedley
person 2: FML too
by JoshKatzIsAJew January 20, 2011
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Usually a last name for some people, These people are usually insanely nice, caring, loyal, and responsible and don't treat girls like shit but actually care for them and over-think everything nearly everything people say to them.
Smedley your so sweet your like the nicest guy ever!
by Hurc July 17, 2011
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Slang of US Marine Corps for someone who handles simple jobs for a superior. One working in the role of a butler.

Smedley is a play on words that comes from Smedley Butler, a Marine hero who was a Major General and won two Congressional Medals of Honor.
He was the General’s Smedley with duties that included laying out uniforms and being the General’s driver.
by hayti66#2 April 01, 2011
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An unbroken string of musical-sounding farts, reminiscent of James Last records.

Also see Smelody.
'God Cynthia. What on earth did you eat last night? You've been bum-humming that Gershwin smedley for at least five minutes. I can't breathe.'
by Albert Woods September 13, 2007
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Racing term: A bearer of bad news. Usually directed at someone who is having a pretty nice day. Occasionally the message will be cryptic and/or coded, and will need to be repeated, forcing the listener to slow down and re-evaluate his/her life.
eg.1) Driver 2, driver 1 is faster than you. Driver 1 is faster than you. Can you confirm that you understand this message? eg.2) Not to sound like a Smedley here baby, but you could be a little quicker in Sector 2. Oh, and you have a spring stuck in your head...sorry.
by Britany's Passport December 27, 2010
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Another alternative for cool, awesome, or fantastic, with connotations of cutting-edge hip-ness that others may not be savvy or "in" enough to be aware of.
This is some smedley digs, yo.
by Ännika June 23, 2006
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Smedley is a condition whereby the lips become extremely dry and possibly cracked. It may be caused by the evaporation of moisture, or more commonly by picking at or irritating the lips.
-Eww!!! You need to cover up that smedley on your upper lip!!!

-My lips are looking a little smedley, i really need to try a different brand of chapstick.
by The Toad Mother January 09, 2011
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