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A descendant and benefactor of the composer George Gershwin who died July 11, 1937 at the age of 38, leaving no heirs, his estate passing to his mother. A Gershwin is someone who has never had to work to earn their living but lives a luxurious and entitled lifestyle is primarily dependent upon an inherited trust fund established from royalty payments received for the musical compositions of his long dead great-great-great- grand uncle. A Gershwin can typically be found at a country club or a Paul Simon concert thumbing his nose at the regular working people and ranting about how easy everyones job is. Although the Gershwin has had the great fortune to live an affluent and priveledged lifestyle through no work or effort of his own, as a rule he does not tip anyone under any cirrcumstances. This is probaby because he is well aware of the fact that sooner than later the royalties will expire, the royalty payments will end along with his gravey train champagne and caviar lifestyle. To postpone having to working to earn his living, a Gershwin typicaly holds tight every penny and typically spends most of his time trying to lobby Congress to pass another copyright extension act and brainstorming ways to sue music companies for any feasable royalty contract infringements.
Limo Driver 1: "Hey man, did that guy with the 4 suitcases tip you?"
Limo Driver 2: "Psh...No! He's a Gershwin"
by Faymkonzi June 06, 2018
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When one party hits a second party's genitals with the back of their opened hand. They must also say, "Gershwin," for it to count.

Try it on a friend today...or better yet and unsuspecting stranger.
Tim and Jon are singing in chorus when Snyder sneaks up behind them. Snyder says, "Hey guys." They turn. SLAP! "Gershwin!"

by Kevin Regan April 11, 2006
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