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The act of kneeling on someone's neck for a long period of time until that person dies. Anyone can commit this action, but it's especially committed by racist folks.
That police officer truly Minneapolis'd on that woman after her 3-year-old daughter accidentally took a barbie doll from the toy store.

I'm not driving over the speed limit. I don't want to deal with some Officer Cartman beating my ass up whilst telling me to "respect his authoritah (sic)", or worse, giving me a Minneapolis on the side of the highway.

I dread to go back to Conroe or any Houston suburb. I'm afraid of an angry redneck or neo-Nazi randomly pulling a Minneapolis on me.
by OK Dodo May 29, 2020
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Once a band that were critically bashed for having catchy, if not downright cheesy, "tunes" like All Star and I'm a Believer, Smash Mouth are now hated for spreading the coronavirus across the godforsaken USA as a result of performing before a large packt crowd (a crowd without masks or social distancing) at the Sturgis Biker Rally back in August.
Somebody once told me
The virus was baloney
He ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
I was feeling kinda numb
With a burning in the lungs
And I said I don't think that it's COVID

Well the chills start coming
And they don't stop coming
Feelin' short of breath
Like I just went running
Didn't make sense to stay home
No fun
Instead went out
Infected everyone
So much to touch
So much to lick
So what's wrong with my little droplets
You'll never know if you don't test
Why do I feel pain in my chest?

Hey now
We're contagious
We're in Sturgis
No mask
Hey now
You're a biker
We're all sharing
One flask
This is worse than the flu
I'll be seeing you in the ICU

- Smash Mouth killing it in Sturgis with their hit song All Star. Fuck that COVID shit!
by OK Dodo September 16, 2020
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