A term birthed by a typo in an EDM forum used to denote a brief auditory clip (sample) added to a song or remix. Smaples of spoken words are taken from movies, television, or other non-musical media, often used for humorous or atmospheric effect. For example, Goa trance often employs smaples of people talking about drugs, spirituality, or science fiction themes.
Why use boring old samples when you can use smaples?

Damn dude, you added so many clips to that track! You're a smaple whore!

Mad smaple use in that set dude! I dig!

A Smaple is just like a sample, but better.
by Lil' Rascals October 20, 2006
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Blowjob. With maple syrup dressing.
Can only be used to address women.
-Smaple me, bitch!
-stfu and smaple me!
by Durian November 13, 2004
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1. eyelash lint

2. clumps of mascara left behind from a sloppy makeup job
1: Bro, what's on your eye?

2: Just some smaples, bro.

1: Gnarrrly, bro. But you might wanna get that off.

2: I'm workin on it.

---- or ----

1: OMG, Haily, you have smaples on your eyes!!!!

2: OMG WHERE WHERE GET IT *rubs eyes*

1: You got it :))))

2: Ok let's go shopping :)
by Squishy Wishy February 22, 2011
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When someone (usually female) believes he/ she is a lot more sexier than what it actually is. In fact, very rarely smaples are sexy and what makes things worst is that they do not compensate at all with their personality
Oh, last night at the Club I was rejected by so many smaples

Look at him, another smaple with money

I don't like my brother's girlfriend... she is such a smaple
by Jack Le Forrian January 18, 2017
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