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Bad 80's sitcom where this family has a robot maid named Vicki who looks like a ten year old year girl and talks in a really annoying monotone "robotic" voice.
See budge(Definition #2)
Small Wonder sucks worse than Mr. Belvedere.
by juniper July 07, 2005
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Probably the worst sitcom ever made. Features an inventor and his wacky attempts to keep his android daughter a secret. Similar to Dr. Slump but live action, American, less scatalogical, and not funny. Ran for four seasons.
Nurse: Doctor, what's you diagnosis?
Doctor: This man... he watched a full episode of small wonder. His brain... his brain couldn't take it.
by Dab Brill December 13, 2007
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Named for the robot Vicki on the sitcom, Small Wonder, a small wonder is a mundane girl with a glazed over look in her eyes, who drones on and on in a monotone voice, and fake laughs at all your jokes.
Guy: How was your blind date last night?

Guy’s Friend: Ugh, she was a real small wonder!
by Iamrillysmart July 30, 2018
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