Bad 80's sitcom where this family has a robot maid named Vicki who looks like a ten year old year girl and talks in a really annoying monotone "robotic" voice.
See budge(Definition #2)
Small Wonder sucks worse than Mr. Belvedere.
by juniper July 07, 2005
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Named for the robot Vicki on the sitcom, Small Wonder, a small wonder is a mundane girl with a glazed over look in her eyes, who drones on and on in a monotone voice, and fake laughs at all your jokes.
Guy: How was your blind date last night?

Guy’s Friend: Ugh, she was a real small wonder!
by Iamrillysmart July 29, 2018
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Probably the worst sitcom ever made. Features an inventor and his wacky attempts to keep his android daughter a secret. Similar to Dr. Slump but live action, American, less scatalogical, and not funny. Ran for four seasons.
Nurse: Doctor, what's you diagnosis?
Doctor: This man... he watched a full episode of small wonder. His brain... his brain couldn't take it.
by Dab Brill December 13, 2007
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A term which refers to a highly intoxicated individual who is moving and/or speaking in what appears to be slow motion.

This was a frequent occurence on the short-lived 1980's sitcom "Small Wonder" in which the featured robotic child, Vicky, often ran low on power and exhibited a much slower rate of movement and speech before she completely powered down.
Margeauxx was having so much fun dancing at Bartini, but after that last shot of tequila she was totally small wondered and could only do the robot in slow motion.

I wondered why I could hear crickets all of the sudden, then I realized CJ was drunk on vodka soaked pineapple and completely small wondered.
by Margeauxx McBeavers January 27, 2011
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A musician who is well known in his or her own small town. This applies to local musicians who are starting out their career and making it big later in life.
He was a small town wonder will big dreams.
by The Ferocious Whomper June 19, 2017
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