Someone who is dependent on heroin.
Especially one who is non-athletic and avoids conflict.
See: Smackhead
Kid: Mummy! Why is that man selling his shoes?
Mum: Just ignore him, honey! He's a dirty little smack monkey.
by leimagnus September 25, 2013
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The process of destroying a persons day or life, or it can literally be taken as "smacking a monkey that is employed by the Magisterium." Thirdly it can be taken as direct interjection of religion into a persons life.

Origins: the 2007 theatrical version of The Golden Compass, Where Nicole Kiddman lays the smackdown on a poor defenseless primate.
"Why are you always trying to smack my church monkey?"
"I shouldn't have done that, it feels like I just got smacked by a church monkey."
by JaKeJa December 08, 2007
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Verb; Pregame of clapping them cheeks. It’s the best way to end a Saturday night, the monkey isn’t gonna smack itself. Ya heard?
Dylan fled from Danville to hurry home & smack that monkey.

I was on my way to the hiney, but first I just had to smack that monkey to make her happy.
by King Draco November 24, 2018
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