When someone really needs to get sent back to their senses, You smack a bitch. Either the person acted out of line or was offensive in one way or another; so you smack them, back-handed or open-palmed, either way it needs to be a quick and across the face.
Yo that hoe came all up in my grills, so I just had ta smack a bitch.
by RamK October 5, 2006
On June 9 you can smack a bitch you have been waiting to smack!
Jen: what’s smack a bitch day?
Kenzie: you can smack any bitch you want because it’s june 9!
by Kenzieryann June 26, 2019
"I just bought a new vibrator. I'm gonna go home and smack my bitch."

"I need a boyfriend. I'm tired of smacking my bitch all the time."
by violetcrush January 4, 2009
smack a bitch who runs their mouth to much or do it for “fun”
Sheila smack her Bestfriend cause it’s National Smack A Bitch Day and because her

Bestfriend slept with Sheila’s boyfriend🤣

This girl just ran up to me and smack the shart out of me
by Tasia M. April 15, 2019
Request another to inject you with Heroin or get you high. "Get me high." "Light my fire." "Shoot me up." "Smack my bitch up."

The phrase was made famous by The Prodigy. The phrase does not mean to hit your girlfriend, nor does it advocate violence toward women as it literally implies.
"Man I'm tweekin', are you holdin'?"
"You know it."
"Then smack my bitch up.
by Joe Sa July 20, 2006
Phrase - A comment said from one person (usually African-American male) to another person (usually African-American female) when when they are acting like a bitch, meaning that they would be smacked so hard they would stop being a bitch.

Jenida: Tyrell you are such a douche!

Tyrell: Woman, quit talking before I smack the bitch outta you!


Joseph: Man, Tracy was acting really mean earlier.

Johnny: I know dude, somebody should smack the bitch outta her.


Bailey: Damn Courtney you better stay outta my way!

Courney: Yeah, and you better shut up before I smack the bitch outta you!
by H0biez09 February 15, 2012
bitch being slang for the main vain running down your arm in which heroin is usually injected.
smack is slang for the drug heroin.
put them together and you get smack my bitch up, in other words to inject heroin into your main vein in your arm.

also widely known from the famous song smack my bitch up by the prodigy.
hey man, im off to smack my bitch up whilst listening to smack by bitch up
by x-meow-meow-x April 2, 2008