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As Godzilla is giant monster, Slutzilla is a creature of that magnitude, but with sluttiness.
Jonas: Oh no! What would Bonnie-type Slutzilla slut up next?!

QA: I don't know! But we should take cover before she smashes those buildings and sucks on those cocks!
by Jonasssss July 30, 2008
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a girl or women that is very promiscuous and sucks a lot of cock
Steve: dang is that kate?

Derek: Yeah bro why?

Steve: i heard she's a slut.

Derek: Naw bro she's a SLUTZILLA

Steve: Oh dangg
by Tellitlikeitisgalll April 08, 2010
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A stupid bitch who thinks she is better than everyone. And who likes to bitch about people she hates in her profile. Sweetie stop before your ahead. It will come back to bite you in the ass!
by me April 03, 2005
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An slutty, evil, hawaian bitch who wanders the streets of a nice, quiet city trying to eat the faces of men; will do anything for cock and Mike's Hard.
Slutzilla had a Mike's Hard and fell was gay.
by Rohdizzle und John Wayne March 13, 2005
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A hootchie who is obsessed with Xena and black guys. Often drunk and leaving gibberish comments on your Myspace page.
Slutzilla is such a hootchie, she left a picture of a naked black guy and typed "MAXALICHAIGO!~!~!~!~!" under it on my Myspace page.
by PrEgGiEcHoPz October 14, 2007
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