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The result of fucking a bucket full of jizz and ice.
“Yo! Brian I made the biggest slushee last night with my buddies. You should have been there!”
by Hardboiledboi February 16, 2019
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When you are engaged in anal sex with a girl (or guy) and you ejaculate into your partners asshole (creampie) you take a straw and stick it in your partners anus and suck the sperm out.
Montez: "mmm..i cant wait till after school so i can stalk chad home and watch him in the shower then brutally rape him and give him a good ole slushee!"
by ZackerCrackerJacker January 13, 2009
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A vagina that's had a load of semen shot into it anywhere in cold temperatures.

Note - semen shot into a vagina NOT in cold temperature a cream pie.
John McCain stuffed his cock far inside Sarah Palin and made a slushee that took a full 5 minutes to thaw out.
by ihuntmidgets May 13, 2011
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