The result of fucking a bucket full of jizz and ice.
“Yo! Brian I made the biggest slushee last night with my buddies. You should have been there!”
by Hardboiledboi February 17, 2019
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When you are engaged in anal sex with a girl (or guy) and you ejaculate into your partners asshole (creampie) you take a straw and stick it in your partners anus and suck the sperm out.
Montez: "mmm..i cant wait till after school so i can stalk chad home and watch him in the shower then brutally rape him and give him a good ole slushee!"
by ZackerCrackerJacker January 14, 2009
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A racial slur referring to any brown skinned man working at your local convenience store
"Damn, that slushee slinger checked my ID when I bought those blunt wraps. I wonder if he's going to bomb a major US city."
by grahamburglar April 23, 2013
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the liquid that comes out with explosive force after eating at a bad Japanese restaurant
Thomas was shocked there were no napkins at the bad Sushi restaurant, but his messy sushi slushee afterward had him horrified that there was no toilet paper.
by somethingelsefl October 4, 2011
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Also spelled Walking Slushee, is an inside joke that began somewhere in Gig Harbor WA or Tacoma WA, and is when someone for Halloween out there pet Duck inside an ICEE slushee, and the slushee appeared to be walking, this was a meme, with a quick rise and fall, but deserves to be remembered.
Herb: “remember when Kati cut out holes in a slushee and put her pet duck in it for Halloween, and called it “the walking slushee”
by Walking_slushee January 1, 2021
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When an individual shits blood in the snow.
Jimmy took a break from building a snowman to make a red slushee behind a bush.
by *!SlamWi53!* August 16, 2017
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