Having an inappropriately large amount of someones drink fast enough that they do not realise that you're taking liberties.

Derives from an act somewhere in between of having a slurp and having a tipple.

Mainly introduced as a good rhyming word for 'purple'.
Hi Chris. What's that your drinking? I've never had that before. Give us a slurple.
by !david clarke! May 29, 2007
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1. The resulting hue of the bruise that forms on your testicles when a woman slurps the same spot for too long of period.
2. The color of an overly bruised nutsack hickey.

3. Purple as a result of slurping.
"The slurple area on balls is sensitive from tea bagging last night, so I try to avoid it touching my leg. It should clear up in a couple days."
by billebllunt December 9, 2013
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It's an onomatopoeia, or an action word.
In the old Batman shows, when the bad person got hit the words "SLURPLE!" showed up.
by Polish Pawel November 16, 2004
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to slurp a girls vagina and lick it
i am going to slurple that girls vagina
by riccardo3 September 2, 2007
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noun: an imaginary creature that injects poisonous venom into its victims and yet is being researched as a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. All in all, a miraculous specimen.

*the only word in the English language that rhymes with purple.

The slurple has been known to kill large animals in under 15 seconds and humans in under 3 minutes.
by Holy Heartfailure August 21, 2007
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a freeloading shitbird who drinks too much, sleeps on the couch and slurps his ramen noodles
Joe: wtf is wrong with pat man? all he does is sit on the couch all day eating ramen
kevin: yeah dudes a slurple roost im about to kick his ass to the curb
by jimmy football2002 May 18, 2010
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A steamy and consensual interaction with a giraffe, who uses their very long, very purple, and very skilled tongue to go down on someone.
Did you hear about Jeff’s trip to the zoo? He got a purple slurple from Dopsy, the baby giraffe!
by Busterpants June 1, 2019
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