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Used as an insult it originates from the bounty hunter Jango Fett in the Star Wars Movies.
Meaning someone who is of the Dark Side, with more literal meanings being 'dick', 'fool', idiot', 'jerk' and so on.
"He's such a fucking jango"

"Oi! Jango! You're in my seat!"
by !david clarke! May 29, 2007
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The ability not to feel the cold when drunk. Also know as a beer coat
"You must have been freezing last night walking home?"
"I didn't feel it. I had my trusty beer jacket on"
by !david clarke! May 29, 2007
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Having an inappropriately large amount of someones drink fast enough that they do not realise that you're taking liberties.

Derives from an act somewhere in between of having a slurp and having a tipple.

Mainly introduced as a good rhyming word for 'purple'.
Hi Chris. What's that your drinking? I've never had that before. Give us a slurple.
by !david clarke! May 29, 2007
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