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A slunter, is the all purpose male, who hunts for easy sluts on a regular basis.
2.Joe you slunter
3.Fuck off oscar you cunt.
by Skuxxninja April 12, 2011
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A kind of walk or other movement trying to be sexy, but just coming off as awkward, or even creepy.
Ben sluntered across the dance-floor, trying desperately to maintain eyecontact with someone, anyone, stopping every once in a while to fire off a quick pelvic thrust or two.
by CthonicCaveman October 28, 2016
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a person who has multiple social media accounts and uses them for the sole purpose of mass reporting others
by Wynonna Pen May 15, 2018
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a hunter of the sluts
Hey look over there it’s the slunter- better hide your girl.”
by mmmonkeybusiness June 04, 2018
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