Adj |sluh-me|

A state of low, undignified quality; the result of slumlords occupying a single space, or slummin for too long.
"You're smoking that rain gutter water soaked cigarette? That's slummy as shit."

"The couch has been pretty slummy since Mike blacked out and peed on it."
by MalachiCon576 December 18, 2011
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This machine only takes coins. Got any slummy, mate?
by Brendan555 January 20, 2008
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A young mother from a lower socio-economic background. Usually found on a council estate with lots of piercings / children / tattoos. Drug abuse problem optional.
'I saw Kerry Katona in an Iceland advert the other day with her kids.'

'Yeah, she's a real slummy mummy.'
by 13C1 May 19, 2009
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Slummy Dumps refers to a girl who is specifically a "haggard ass bitch". It's a specific code word used when referring to ugly women around significant others or people who don't appreciate hearing about how ugly, fat or slovenly other chicks are.
by MediaOffline76 October 15, 2010
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when you get 2 gummies that are connected to each other in a pack
i got a lopsided slummy
by lopsidedslummy April 2, 2021
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