The guy is well sloshy, only he would try and get with a girl who has a four month old child
by £50stan June 14, 2017
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a state of the penis that is not a true erection but is harder than normal.
Dude that looking at that guy's ass made me sloshy, i must be at least a little bit gay.
by boredingrotonsomemore November 23, 2008
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A band in the homestar runner universe which is commonly recognized for their single, "We don't really even car about you."
I went to go see a Sloshy concert last night. They were awesome!
by Crack Stuntman December 04, 2007
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Being drunk to the point of falling and stumbaling
ME:hey man you all right you all most fell
YOU:Hey justalitle sloshie
ME: Watch your step!
You: BOOOM!!
by DannyD March 09, 2006
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state of extreme drunkeness that is only reached after mixing perscription pills and alcohol. Usually results in complete memory loss.
"I dont know what happened last night. That xanex had me sloshy"
by Benk January 02, 2005
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