5 definitions by Alwayssloshy

When your pussy is so wet it will explode
The girl's Sloshy pussy was soaking her panties.
by Alwayssloshy February 7, 2018
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When you see and image or have conversation that makes you sexually aroused. You keep in your mind for masturbation at a later time
The video I saw was so hot I memorized every detail for my memory spankbank
by Alwayssloshy February 7, 2018
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When a girl is fully aroused and needs to have a massive orgasm.
My boyfriend spent all night playing with my body . I ended up having a swollen pussy because the need was so great.
by Alwayssloshy February 11, 2018
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When a pussy is wet and twitches when cums.
She had a sloshy twitch as she screamed for joy.
by Alwayssloshy February 8, 2018
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