The act of having sex using, with and amidst several of your favorite food groups. Safely, you must put down a shower curtain or similiar human/carpet barrier, and then enjoy a variety of puddings, cakes and similiar delicious edibles with your chosen mate.
Dude, we definately got to sloshing last night and ruined the couch. The chocolate pudding will never come out.
by thejackalope September 27, 2009
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The term for female masturbation. The equivalent to fapping but directed to females.
Fae gets off by sloshing to her boyfriend from Canada via webcams.
by UwarsBetty March 12, 2008
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the act of fingering but when your fingers get tired and cramp and the male ends up moving the whole arm to try and imitate the desired motion. One could say its like small punches to the vagina. Commonly confused with fisting.
Connor ended up sloshing shelly into a coma.
by the all knowing phantom March 03, 2012
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"Lori was totally sloshed last night. She's still asleep..."
by Babydoll75 February 26, 2019
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Consuming large amounts of alcohol to the extent that you are passed out with your head in the toilet.
I got so fucking sloshed last night!
by Demented Dust Bunny August 04, 2003
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To get really fucked up or to be completely wasted.
You were sloshed at the party, you drank a whole bottle of Jack.
by Jarred's Sandy Vagina June 25, 2006
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"Dude, Max and I got so sloshed lastnight at Keith's party!"
by bubblegum1991 June 27, 2008
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