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Cottagecore, also known as farmcore and countrycore, is inspired by a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural life. It is centered on ideas of simple living and harmony with nature. Themes associated with cottagecore include self-sufficiency, baking, and caring for people. While the aesthetic is prevalent on several social media sites, such as on Instagram and more recently TikTok, the community notably prospers on Tumblr. It is particularly popular within lesbian and woman-loving-woman (WLW), and nonbinary loving women (NBLW) communities.
"In the cottagecore universe, there are no phones pinging constantly with updates, no urgent work emails, no evenings spent responding to the onerous demands of a tyrannical boss. In fact, there is no labor beyond domestic, and workaday tasks are completed with a gauzy sense of fulfillment." -via The New York Times
by Keith Courage February 20, 2022
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A subculture that combines the ethos of the hippie movement with the philosophies of the punk rock movement. Experimentalism and improvisation are the trademarks that make up this group. Psychedelic explorations with all of the self-governed individuality that defines life experience.
Paul has become a hunker, I guess it's safe to say he likes to take LSD and listen to Bad Brains.
by Keith Courage June 24, 2011
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Hyperpop is a genre of music that combines both EDM and traditional pop. The genre puts an extreme emphasis on cuteness, femininity and intoxication. This is achieved by extreme pitching and warping of both the bass and rhythm, as well as upbeat, bubbly synths. The genre stems mainly from club and nightcore, and consists of high levels of surrealism and confusion.

The genre of hyperpop was born out of EDM and traditional pop, and has influences from electroclash and witch house. Other genres of music that are incorporated into hyperpop include dubstep, chiptune and cloud rap. It is also seen as similar to nu-rave. Another heavy influence on the genre is electroclash, which is a very similar genre which died out in the 2000s.
In 2019, Spotify listed an official hyperpop playlist, which further publicised the genre. This playlist consisted of 100 Gecs, Slayyyter, Gupi, Caroline Polachek, Hannah Diamond, and Kim Petras.
by Keith Courage February 20, 2022
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Music categorized as kitschedelia often employs overtly cheesy, tacky, or low brow humor in combination with the experimentation and perception altering characteristics of psychedelic music. The effect of kitschedelia is often meant to confound and challenge the listener and can be heavily conceptual. The genre also has roots in plunderphonics and culture jamming.
Much of the output of The Residents could fall into the category of kitschedelia due to the group's hallucinatory deconstruction of commercial and popular music.
by Keith Courage December 22, 2017
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Bubblegum Bass (sometimes called PC music, bubblebass, post-ringtone, hyper pop or bubblegum badass) is a style of Electronic Dance Music that originated in the early 2010s. It takes Pop music and amplifies its cuteness and femininity to extreme levels, often pitching the vocals upward and warping the rhythm through a frenzied UK Bass and Wonky filter. The production uses bouncy, plastic-sounding synths and further draws from a variety of club sounds, including Electro House, Balearic Beat, Trance, Footwork, and Bubblegum Dance.

SOPHIE and A. G. Cook are the two best known producers in this genre; the latter producer's label PC Music is the label most associated with the genre. A disorienting post-internet aesthetic exemplified by DIS Magazine also shapes the style of Bubblegum Bass both sonically and visually, though DIS's output is not exclusively centered on Bubblegum Bass.
Popular blog, Gorilla vs. Bear, had 'bubblegum bass' single 'Keri Baby' by A. G. Cook as their #1 song of 2014.
by Keith Courage April 14, 2018
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Nop is a music genre that has no specific origin in sound but refers to music that uses pop music tropes in an often unconventional and experimental way. It was coined to classify music on the Pedicure Records web label and affiliated artists.
Meme Vivaldi is a nop musician that releases music with a meta and satirical bent in his compositions.
by Keith Courage February 12, 2016
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NXC is an abbreviation for Nightcore, typically referring to the SoundCloud nightcore scene that had gained popularity in the mid-2010s. The term is a play on the word HXC meaning Hardcore.
Tracks on SoundCloud that are tagged #NXC indicate the track is a ‘nightcore edit’.
by Keith Courage April 28, 2018
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