When a girl is sucking
And then she drools on the dick
Ayo You seen Samantha that bitch gave me a sloppy toppy
by Xxx_xxxi March 8, 2018
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Wettest, tightest head in Duluth
Aye, that girl Betty will give you that sloppy toppy that makes yo toes throw up gang signs
by Sloppy.toppyy February 3, 2020
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Another saying for giving head or oral-sexy
"Joe wazs looking hella fine today imma give him some sloppy toppy
by Bloody-nutty October 4, 2019
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A girl giving head anywhere but typically executed within in the school staircase. Sloppy toppy is mostly given by a bronx treesh or Brooklyn boonie that has a drug addiction.
This treesh gave me Sloppy toppy yesterday that shit was wack.
by Gayquil August 11, 2022
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