Sometimes referred to a member of the famous 3/5. Rather large individual with slower than normal responses. Has a sensitive side that does not like to be made fun of. But is a good sport.
Josh is a slomo
by Inspectors in charge March 24, 2013
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Bill: I went up to SLoMo this weekend for the Rams game.
Bob: I'm sorry to hear that.
by Dan Proprietor August 19, 2012
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Used to define a fellow motorist who is both slow and a homo. This is most commonly used when waiting on a passing car to make a turn. At first judgement you think the car is too close to make the turn, but soon after notice that said car is going way to freaking slow and you should have just gone a long time ago.
"Come on, slomo, hurry the hell up.."
by V-Smack June 09, 2007
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(n) Someone who is both gay and retarded.
Dave is a slomo because he is both gay and retarded.
by muthafugga March 09, 2004
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Someone who is both a slut and a homosexual.
Willow is such a slomo, I see him leaving faces with a different guy every night!
by JUSTIN February 04, 2005
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A sneaky little Mexican named Luis (or Luisa, on the streets). Always late for everything especially when he is supposed to be early. Got drunk in Reno and fell asleep with some random guy.
Dude, that F'n Geo SloMo is late again. Goddamn asshole.
by Rn2d@3ddr November 07, 2009
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A species of human beings that walk slowly everywhere and block your path.
Sam: Dude, why are you so late?
Dude: Slomo sapiens. Fucking slomo sapiens.
Sam: Oh, got it.
by hwip July 15, 2011
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