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Warning - The following description contains information of a violent nature. Continue reading at your own risk.

Slit Throat can mean many things...

1. Razor blade that needs considerable skill to actually slit a throat or generally use without minor injury

2. The act of using a knife, shards of broken glass or other sharp object to cut the jugular vein or windpipe and cause the person on the receiving end to die shortly after

3. Failure to kill the person and render them "Voiceless" as you have cut out there voice-box instead

Slit Throat Razors or Cut Throat Razors can be used as torture devices. The "Glasgow Smile" is the brutal method of slitting the skin from the sides of the mouth to the ears. This makes a smile that seems quite comical... Further kicking of the crotch will lead to the victim screaming in pain and ripping the face in half.

Slitting your throat is a effective method of suicide but failure to actually kill yourself will lead to further problems and unusual scars.

The slitting of another persons throat is a quick stealthy approach to killing another person. This can usually be achieved by creeping up behind them, pulling there head back and slicing the neck as fast as possible.
A Glasgow gang had found another rival gang member and gave him a Glasgow Smile...

Slit Throat - Brutal way of killing somebody
by Edward McPherson August 18, 2007
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a fun activity to do to people you dont like.
i was bored one day, so i decided to go around and slit some throats
by SlasheR September 27, 2003
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