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When you are holding your cat, and accidentally inserts a finger up his anus
"Oh no, I just fisted my cat, what a slip of the thumb"
"My friend plunged my cat's clunge, dude"
by kievrob January 09, 2015
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When sending a text message and the recipient of the message was not the intended recipient. Alternatively, when you try to reply to one person, and another message comes in just as you're about to reply, and you end up replying to the wrong person. This issue can have detrimental effects.
Girl to married guy: "Hey, what are you up to?"
(Guy is getting ready to reply, when he's distracted for two seconds, during which time, the following message hits his phone."
Wife to her husband: "I made it to Dallas."
(Now husband, thinking he's replying to his girlfriend says)
Husband to his wife (slip of the thumbs): "Nothing, my wife is out of town if you want to sleep over tonight."
Wife to husband: "WTF!?!?!"
by Chaz Walker September 18, 2007
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When a person accidently swears using sign language.
"Dude, yesterday i spoke with someone deaf using sign language. And apparently I accidentaly insulted him, what a slip of the thumb."
by vnbvcncvnhcnhgcnhcv March 11, 2015
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When you are pleasuring your girl (i.e. wife, girl-friend, female friend with privileges, local slut, myspace whore.....) and your thumb "accidentally" slips into her asshole instead of her vagina.
Sorry it was a Slip of the thumbs its not like you havent had anything bigger in there.
by Fatboi AKA "Wetback" n proud February 16, 2009
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21st century slipping of the tongue. Can technically include accidental replies or grammar mistakes...
"ahhh man, I didn't mean to send that! Total slip of the thumb there, apologies!" - In reference to a message sent to someone by mistake, or that accidental !,? or word that likes to randomly make itself a plural....
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by Mat Wood September 06, 2017
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