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A Sless (Slatus Jessus to give them their full name) are members of the ant family. They often hang around in pairs but strangely the female of the pair is nocturnal whilst the male is not.

The noticable difference between the Sless and the ant is the way they behave in activities within the collony. Once every 3 years the collony have a spring clean before moving into a new nest. However whilst members of the collony work hard for many days the Sless is nowhere to be seen.

Studies have found these creatures sleeping in their new habitat whilst other members of the collony work their little claws to the bone.

This often causes 'rage' in the collony which can only be repaired by a large meal with all drinks being supplied to all by the lazy little Sless's
I was distraught to find that the people I was living with turned out to be Sless's.

Those lazy SOB's Slessed off during the move and left us all high and dry.
by Schwartzy August 22, 2006
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When you only have 2 of the 3 required ingrediants to make s'mores.
We forgot the marshmallows so were having S'lesses.
by C M 2 August 23, 2019
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