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One of the most amazing friends you will ever have. But dont expect to talk to them late at night, they like to go to bed around ten or so. Most of the time if you are talking to them they fall asleep. Even though they fall asleep a lot they are simply amazing. If you are lucky enough to have a sleepy head in your life, dont lose them. They are loyal, a great listener, and will do whatever it takes have to to make you happy.
by MyrtleLynn April 22, 2010
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The best thing a Man can wake up to, being awoken via oral sex.
" If you buy my that Diamond Necklace, I will surprise you with Sleepyhead tomorrow .
by FuckingFacts May 12, 2016
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A person of asian descent, since their skinny, shifty eyes resemble someone who just woke up.
Damn man that Gook bitch is a true sleepyhead, she made me mu shu pork.
by Robert Boyd October 05, 2006
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