While the definition of politics states, "the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy, m-w.com", American Politics is where elected officials debate unrealistic and unreasonable proposals in order to pander to their base and get re-elected.
American Politics is why that gay marriage amendment has no chance in hell of being ratified.

Because of the intricacies (difficult to resolve or analyze, m-w.com) of American Politics, democrats are responding to that bullshit proposal with a rediculously short pull-out deadline.

A.K.A: Cluster-Fucking
by sportsracer January 20, 2007
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An over-excessive proganda warfare in which supporters from one party (i.e. Democrats or Republicans) will try to convert others from the opposing party onto their side. This in turn upsets the opposing party and causes a similar reaction.

In the end, the only one who truly benefits from such underhanded means of attempting to get into the office is the media. This includes, but is not limited to, both American, Foreign, and Alien news outlets.
American Politics has never let down satitrical writers/cartoonists.
by 33Arsenic June 27, 2005
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An absolute shitshow where other peoples opinions are spat on and fake news and media spread like wildfire; where bad stereotypes and riots and bullshit about helping the lower class or what not. It's like no one cares about each other here if you just think differently, why can't we all just get along and discuss things in peace without shaming the opposition? When can we stop lying to people about other parties and just let them decide? Anyways don't engage in it or publicly speak about it or else you'll probably get screamed at by a hillbilly or a Karen. Or maybe its just stereotypes and you might get in a peaceful chat with a stranger about each others ideologies? Eh, who am I kidding, this is The United States ffs no one cares about each other but themselves.
American Politics is the definition of cancer and the politicians don't give a shit and just force feed us lies
by Veteran Bandit February 1, 2021
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An inescapable pit of hell filled to the very brim with propaganda from two parties that are somehow more different from each other than polar opposites. During the Presidential Elections, this is where shit gets the worst for obvious reasons.
"American Politics suck ass. No words I throw at it can describe how shitty it is. I'm moving somewhere else. I don't want to see 'VoTe FoR dOnLd TrOp/Jo BdEn Or Go To HeLl' ads that I can't block when trying to enjoy some chill gaming content on YouTube. As long as you're on an American IP address, it's PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to get a break."
by MyPseudonymThatsNotMyName September 7, 2022
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Guy 1: Did you see the recent episode of American Politics?

Guy 2: Yes dude! That was insane!
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An aptly named game in which two or more boys or men stand over a bucket and competitively masturbate until all but one get something out. The last man standing is forced to drink the others' discharge.
Kid 1: Did you hear what happened last night? Jack, Eddie, and Phil got around a bucket and played American Politics! I know, disgusting, right! Eddie was the loser . . . but I heard he didn't mind.
Kid 2: Whoa! How did you know about that?
Kid 1: I was there.
Kid 2: I'll be going now.
by RamRancher20 October 19, 2019
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A lose,lose scenario.

Both parties buttfuck you.

But the Republicans are kind enough to use anal-lube!

The Democrats dry fuck ya!
by Ex-Democrat August 7, 2004
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