A physique that is not appealing to the naked eye until it is flexed or uncovered, normally someone that looks small but big when flexing.
Lol look at Oscar he’s so fucking puny, oh shit damn look at that sleeper build who would’ve thought ?!
by BabyZay September 27, 2022
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when a guy looks skinny and doesn't lift , but when he flexes his muscles he looks massive .
Adam: tbh u look like u don't lift.
Mac: that's called Sleeper Build dumbass.
by playboiiii1 September 25, 2022
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A PC with an external case (if desktop) or shell (if laptop) that appears incredibly outdated, but when opened, contains modern parts, and when turned on, runs a modern operating system.
Some guy broke into my house last night, but luckily he never took my PC.
Oh yeah, that's probably because you have a sleeper build.
by dreggsome August 16, 2021
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