4 definitions by BabyZay

A real nigga that likes to sing dance and do random shit all the time but it’s the random shit that makes him unique. Talking to kelos is like rolling a dice, you never know what he’s gonna do. Kelos typically are act lightskinned, wear glasses, or (ironically) have waves.
“Does that nigga have adhd?” no his names Kelos.
by BabyZay January 23, 2022
A real nigga a lil chubby but can still pull bitches he enjoys randomly singing, dancing, or messing with people. Talking to kelos is like rolling a dice. Don’t fuck with kelos or he will smack the fuck out of you pimp style. Kelos’s commonly wear glasses, act lightskinned or (ironically) have waves.
“Is that a homo, tuff nigga with adhd?” No that’s Kelos :)
by BabyZay January 23, 2022
A physique that is not appealing to the naked eye until it is flexed or uncovered, normally someone that looks small but big when flexing.
Lol look at Oscar he’s so fucking puny, oh shit damn look at that sleeper build who would’ve thought ?!
by BabyZay September 27, 2022
Brown to black uncircumcised penis that commonly curves down
Yo me and Steven went fishing with our shrimpy dimpys this weekend !
by BabyZay December 30, 2021