The closest way to experience death without actually dying. Seemingly nothing exists while you are asleep, except when you dream.
I dont even remember when I fell asleep. I just all of the sudden woke up and its morning.
by jacob February 24, 2006
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A great cure for forgetting your life sucks.
Another girl called me ugly. I'm gonna go to sleep for 14 hours tonight and try to have a good dream because my life sucks.
by Layko November 10, 2006
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Sleep, what makes the world 25% more peaceful. If you think about it, sleep is the answer to everything and one of the main reasons in life. and everyone does it! your favorite celebrities, even terrorists or your x-girlfriend. Sometimes to people, its the best thing of the day is to come home from a long day of work/school and fall/lay down on your bed and let your troubles go by.
Everyday I come home from a long day of work and just let my troubles be forgotten, and sleep.

Friend:O man I got homework to do, my parents will kill me if i don't do it!

Nas(me): Relax man, don't stress, and just take a good sleep for 2 hours or more. Do your homework in the morning when your mind is fresh.
by NikolaiAkaNas February 07, 2007
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the fucking best thing ever. Just don't go to sleep while driving, thinking, drinking, living, existing, knowing, or taking candy from any children.
Sleepy dude 1: I want to go to bed!
Parent: Eat your 'shrooms first!
by JohnnyToothless March 15, 2008
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