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When Pokemon Red and Green were released,there were some things that kids would do after hearing the Lavender Town Theme.What happened were these: Obstructive sleep apnea, severe migraines, otorrhagia, tinnitus.
General irritability, insomnia, addiction to videogame, nosebleeds. Developed into violent streaks against others and eventually himself.
Cluster headaches, irritability. Eventually took mixed painkillers.
Migraines, sluggish and slow behaviour, unresponsiveness. Developed into deafness, and went missing. Bodies discovered beside roads April 20 1996.
And a peak of deaths(Suicides)by kids ranging in ages 7-18
Children have died while hearing the Lavender Town Syndrome
by kokovo12 November 23, 2010
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An effect of listening to the original version of Lavander Town's music in Pokemon Red and Blue. The original song contained higher freqencies in sound that were only audible to children and teenagers. This resulted in severe illnesses and a spike in young suicides in Japan. Hidden messages were found in some versions of the song.
I couldent get that damn song out of my head... it felt like it was slowly killing me from the inside. I was hanging from the rafters, a belt around my neck before it became clear that I had.... Lavender Town Syndrome. I fear though, you may be next.
by lastofthem789 July 01, 2013
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The rumors are true. If you play too much Pokemon Red and Blue and speed to much time in Lavender Town, you can get the Lavender Town Syndrome. Lavender Town is known for having some of the most creepiest music in any pokemon game. When kids spend too much time in it, sometimes they get lots of nightmares with this music playing in their dreams. It has also lead to suicide in japanese players. Thank God I listen to better music when playing Pokemon Blue, or else I would probably never sleep again.
Kid: Let's play some Pokemon Blue
(Gets to Lavender Town, speaks in a scared voice): Umm, I'm not sure why this there, this is really creeping me out. Maybe I should go to sleep and turn off the game.
(Turns off the game, Kid dreams of being executed via Guillotine in Lavender Town with the music playing, he then wakes up and can't stop screaming)
Mom (walking in): IS everything okay
(Kid continues to scream)
(Mom takes kid to the hospital)
Doctor: We are sorry ma'am, but your child has been diagnosed with Lavender Town Syndrome. He got this after listening to the music of Lavender Town from playing Pokemon Blue. In order to cure this, we must remove his hearing. We are very sorry ma'am.
Mom: No!!! Nintendo what have you done to my son!!
by Mudkipz are da best November 06, 2018
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