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This word can mean anything you want it to. It fits into almost any context. It is pronounced like "Pain" except with an "SL" instead of a "P". Some of the most common uses for SLAYN is in place of the more commonly known word "Owned." However, Slayn can also be used to describe something that is messed up or dysfunctional. "Wow, that kid is SLAYNNN"

It can also be used after someone wins. For instance, imagine you just threw a piece of trash into a receptacle from a considerable distance. You could follow it up with a quick low volume high pitched under your breath "slayn!"

It's applicable almost anywhere and it is just fun to say. SLAYNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
Yeahhh get SLAYN!!

I can't go out tonight cause my parents are SLAYN

*buckets* ...."slayn!"
by dhackk July 22, 2010
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The period of time where your too tired to do anything after sexual or athletic activities.
After banging Lucy last night I was slayn.
That mile long race had me slayn
by Jamie Night May 17, 2016
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When you you get shit talked so bad you don't know how to respond.
"Yo Dee! Sit yo 5 dollah ass down before I make change"
"Get slayn"
by Zerik October 14, 2014
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