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The act of two slugs copulating, during which the slugs suspend themselves on a rope of mucus and entwine their glowing blue penises.
I saw some slattery the other day and it was a glorious experience.
by slattery4all April 16, 2014
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A person stuck in the late 80's and early 90's as far as fashion, music, and slang are concerned. this person is also addicted to neon colors as well big hair and suglasses for a woman. A faux-hawk is generally a tell-tale sign of a slattery as well, either on a man or woman.

A slattery also refuses to use CD's, declaring that tapes are the only true medium of playing music. They generally enjoy old-school rap as well, but to truly make a slattery happy you must play House of Pain's hit "Jump Around". They often carry with them a boombox, or wish that they were.

Either you are or you aren't a slattery, dressing in the style but using CD's alone will equate you to a poser.

A slattery is the epitome of cool. (since they live in the generation that invented that word)
Person 1: Katie is such a slattery, did you see her wearing that New Kids on the Block sweatshirt!

Person 2: Yeah! Well yesterday I saw her walking around with her boombox, playing Jump Around!

Person 3: SO slattery.
by P*anna March 07, 2007
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use the word Slattery to describe when something/someone sucks, "you got it bad", or when something is unfortunate. Slattery can also be used as a verb (ex: you got slattered)
He got cheated on by his girlfriend? Thats the slattery!!!
by missmuffin April 06, 2009
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A Slattery (or Slatteries) is/are a person who is largely indefinable, as far as how they are ranked in coolness.

They can be percieved as cool in one scenario, which usually leads them to be invited to parties; whereupon they are suddenly discovered to be lame.

The strangest phenomenon concerning these people is that once their position has been ascertained at the parties as 'lame', they can quickly revert back to coolness as soon as the following day.
"I just don't know how I feel about him. He seems like he could be a slattery."

"Well, she seemed cool at the movies the other day; but last night she turned out to be a slattery."

"Come on, don't embarrass me! Everyone will think you're just a slattery."
by Angry Pac-Man March 10, 2009
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