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When you just broke up ( usually you were in love) and you want to move on ,but you just can't let go because you miss that person so much.
Guy#1: Hey bruh, lets hit the club.
Guy#2: Naw, i dont feel like it
Guy#1: you missing that bitch?
Guy#2: yeh bruh

Usher's song "you got it bad"
check that out
by maggieeeee February 08, 2008
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When it has been 36 years and you think of her every day. When you cry as you type this. When you see her in your mind's eye, and she's so young and beautiful in her jeans, with the pink belt. When you realise you can't live without her, but it's way too late for that
I was the one who wanted to split. And she did everything she could to drive me crazy. Till she could finally have the satisfaction of telling me: you got it bad
by CCPhilly May 26, 2017
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it simply means; you are truly hurt.
Angela : Hey bro, its time for church
Angelo: Come on girl, today isn't one of my happy days, my girlfriend broke up with me just when i had woken up from a bad dream this morning by text message.
Angela: oh my gosh! "You got it bad then". Sorry !
by Angelo2013 November 10, 2015
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