A passive aggressive way to say goodbye to your boss when you intend to quit in a blaze of glory.
Named for Stephen Slater who quit his job at JetBlue in a dramatic and newsworthy fashion.
Glenn told Ellen to clear the paper jam in the photocopier for the fourth time today. Ellen looked at the photocopier and then at Glenn and said "S'later" under her breath. She won't be back tomorrow!
by Geckypibb August 11, 2010
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a white boy with really nappy hair who owns a vast menagerie of flat brims
"dude, look at that Slater"
"He's so thug! I bet all the girls want his hair"
" I wish i had nappy hair! It's a gurlmagnett!"

Dude 1: Man I wish i was a slater
Dude 2:why man? All he has are a bunch of flatbrims...
dude 1: It's whats UNDER the flat brim that counts!!
by beauxjangles November 07, 2010
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Another name for a woodlouse (UK)
There was lots of Slaters under the mat.
by Neil January 15, 2006
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The biggest faggit in the entire world. Absolutely nobody likes him. He has no talent at anything, but he doesn't know that and he sucks at football, baseball and dicks.
That guy is riding the bench and that dude.

he's such a slater
by Pierce/ware September 13, 2010
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