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Slappy Cup is a fast-paced, exciting drinking game that is played with at least 4 players, but can be played with a large group. Although the exact origins of Slappy Cup are unknown, it gained a strong following among students at the University of Illinois in the fall of 2009.

Slappy Cup is usually played with 13 cups arranged in a circular, flower-like formation in the center of a round table (one center cup, six cups surrounding the center cup, and six cups making up the outer circle). The center cup is filled with one beer, while the remaining cups are filled to a level similar to beer pong. There are two additional empty cups and two ping pong balls.

Players stand around the table, and the two players with the empty cups bounce the ping pong ball into the empty cup in front of them. Once the player has made the ball into the empty cup, they pass it to the player on their right, or if it was made on the first shot, to any player at the table. If the player to their right is also shooting, the player slaps the empty cup away and the cup they are passing goes to the player on the right of the slapee. The slapee must grab a cup from the center, drink it, and the now empty cup becomes their new shooting cup. Players can only slap the player to their immediate right. The last player to have their cup slapped must drink the full center cup.
Jaclyn played Slappy Cup for the first time last night and Chelsea kept slapping her and got she totally wasted.
by Hey I'm a Master! June 25, 2010
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