Raping someone who is awake while you are asleep.
The man was found not guilty of raping his wife due to a known history of sleep walking. However, he was found guilty of slaping.
by Benchr November 10, 2017
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An evolved version of sleep. What Blastoise is to Squirtle and Wartortle, Slape is to Sleep.
"Ready to go, where the hell you at?"
"Waiting on Homer, he's slape."
by jackwizzy June 7, 2014
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Slippery underfoot/icy. Yorkshire slang.
by forever_retro December 29, 2007
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According to the International Council on Somnambulatory Coitus:

The act of forced sexual congress while one partner is asleep.

Contrary to popular opinion just having one partner asleep is not enough to constitute "slape." The partner must actively be resisting in a dream in order for "slape" to occur.
Andy: Ali stayed over last night.

Rick: Oh yeah? Anything happen?

Andy: Not according to her. but I seem to recall dropping a vicious load up in her delicious beefhole.

Rick: Isn't that illegal? That's rape!

Andy: Only in 49 states, my friend. I prefer to think of it as "slape".
by Slabby March 13, 2008
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to slap and rape someone at the same time.
I was mad and horny at the same time, so i just had to slape that bitch.
by kittykaity March 26, 2009
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1. a slape is a gangsta slap accorss a bitchs head as ur macking her ass.

2. a scientific name for a frogs penis.
look at that frogs fucking huge slape.

i slape'd that hoe silly.
by hayden kelly March 21, 2006
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