The linguistics of slang. Origin of this taboo term is unknown. Commonly used to describe rapper E-40's slang, who is the self proclaimed "King of Slaguistics". The Bay area rapper E-40 was known to have released a book,
"E-40's book of slang" Translating much known slanguistics, and even his own slang into commonly known english terms.
Person 1: That bitch glazed me like a donut.

Person 2: What the fucks that mean?

Person 1: Bitch, Im slanguistic.
by Jdatkidd September 12, 2006
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Da hippest, da bomb, ill wit da remix, writes mad lyrics
Yo dat Hanna, he is da slanguist.
Nelly said. "I got my man E-40 on 'Country Grammar' — he is the slanguist!
by Bryan Hanna December 6, 2003
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illest, craziest, most wide open lyric spittin fireballin mad man
by Mad Crazy Slanguist forreal March 10, 2004
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A person that talks in slang in the right place, time, person etc. Most of these people can handle a conversation at ease.
" The Bo$$ is a slanguistic mack daddy"
by The Bo$$ March 15, 2005
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Slanguistic Justice /slaNG gwistik/ /just is/
n. A language devised to make sense of its stolen parts and its survival from colonized genocide. A coded expression that one’s culture uses for privacy, secrecy and protection. It can be used to convey humor; a language that is not viewed as inferior.

v. Righting a linguistic wrong; an unapologetic approach to cultural relevance. Honoring cultural brilliance resisting their language being erased; confirming its authenticity.
Ex. As the teacher graded the student’s paper and saw he began with what’s good, she honored his language because of slanguistic justice.

Ex. Slanguistic Justice must be included in all Anti-Black Racism teaching curriculums.

Ex. You know what I mean, nah mean? It’s all about Slanguistic Justice.

Ex. Slanguistic Justice is the ongoing attempt to salvage identity through language and meaning.
by LTomay Douglas May 3, 2021
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Dozy Area Slang. first said by Spoozy of C-4 brothas

means: the slang that originated in the Dozy Area (omaha Nebraska)

any slang word commonly used or created in the O.N.E (omaha neb)

also slanguistics is said. which is also a term created by spoozy of C-4 brothas, which is his form of the word ebonics
man1: ey man, wuts that stuff u be talkin?

man2: its my slanguistics, ya kno? my dozy slanguistics!
by dozy man January 15, 2009
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