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A form of basketball where there is a mini trampoline in front of both baskets so that even players with 0 hops can dunk
"Dude, I got a mini trampoline so we can play Slam Ball on Carlos's court"

"Yeah...Carlos died"

"Sounds like an open court to me."
by Gerdemann25 August 06, 2007
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The meatballs provided by most school cafeterias or any other eatery that is usually cheap, dirty, and/or served by filthy individuals. Slamballs typically are made up of one key ingredient, grade Z ground beef and are somehow satisfyingly tasty even though the consequences of the slamball are usually not worth it. Should usually be passed on but often is not.
Sally: "Let's go make out after 6th period lunch!?!?"

Me: "Normally I would babe, but they are serving slamball hoagies today. I know once I'm done eating I'll need to drop a hammer in the bathroom. Can I get a raincheck on that?"
by SixBowls August 20, 2010
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The name of a really crappy "sport" that imitates basketball but bastardizes it by adding props such as trampolines and is played by a bunch of unathletic hispanics.
Pedro and Juwon won the slamball game 2-1.
by TheAznSensation April 15, 2004
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The slamming of the male reproductive glands against the forehead of an unsuspecting or sleeping victim.
Collin passed out after drinking only three Zima's, so Cody woke him up with a slamball.
by pen15 February 15, 2005
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An easy girl to fuck. Sex is presumed to be as rough and bouncy as the alternative sport of the same name.
- Who was that slam ball I saw you with?
- Oh, just some slooter.
by jon vw April 17, 2006
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