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A word of multiple meanings dependant upon circumstance;

1) Term of endearment made to one’s best female friend post extreme in-expensive chardonnay/cocktail/vodka consumption
2) Adjective to connote wide-reaching displeasure at another female for looking at/standing next to/flirting with/touching, etc, a gentleman belong to someone else (usually yourself or drinking companion)
1) “I bloomin’ love you, you gorgeous Slagbag… pass us the ciggies…”
2) “That there Slagbag better stop pawing at your Dave, or else I’m going to have to beat her with my silletto…”
by the pg September 08, 2006
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Quite simply put, a bag of slags. It is an insult.
Person One: Will you go steady with me?
Person Two: No! You're such a slag bag! I hate you!
by Sahara March 16, 2006
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1. Quite simply the bag of a slag, just large enough to hold a fresh pair of panties and a toothbrush, essential for the 21st century slut about town.

2. An offesnive term for a promiscuous slutty looking girl. Often to be shouted from a moving vehicle as said lady is passed on the street. Can be abbreviated to the initials S.B
1. Sharon; "i pulled last night, lucky i had my slag bag, he fucked me all night and my knickers were ruined"
Tracey "nice one you slag"

2. Trev; "oy Kev look at that dirty S.B"
Kev; "oy slaaaag baaaaag"
by Dick M8 November 03, 2008
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A girl who can't keep her hands off anyones ball sacks & enjoys sleeping with other people's boyfriends.
They usualy think there some sort of golddigga when really no boy's actualy like them.
'Wow she's really easy'
'who is'
'Tasha of corse'
'Oh she's a right Slag Bag'
by Clea Rasil January 04, 2009
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fukin boyfriend stealin ho hu shud get a ho slap frm every1 they meet
he's stil wit tht fukin slagbag! i think a gd old fashioned ho slap is in order...
by princess August 12, 2004
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A special handbag kept close at hand, complete with fresh knickers and toothbrush for one night stands. (i.e inpromptu sexual encounters following a night out)
She grabbed her slagbag from beneath her desk before heading out on the pull last friday.
by frantictantric January 30, 2006
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A combination of a slag and a douchebag.
Person A: Hey did you hear about that girl from the floor above? She started making out with another guy while her boyfriend was there!
Person B: I know! She's such a slagbag!
by the midget one June 15, 2010
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