A slag, who after a variable amount of time, is in fact deemed to be in a bag.

Being 'in' a bag could include - living, shitting, having intercourse within the confines of a bag
'Who is that milling around the place? Is it just a fool?'
'No, it is rather a slag in a bag'
by claireandbryony March 31, 2010
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*This word was made by ola*
A slag in a bag is a hoe that should be put in a bag to be restrained after sleeping with too many men.
Rachel keeps sleeping with all my boyfriends”
“Ew, what a slag in a bag
by Ak47777 November 7, 2019
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Quite simply put, a bag of slags. It is an insult.
Person One: Will you go steady with me?
Person Two: No! You're such a slag bag! I hate you!
by Sahara March 16, 2006
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1. Quite simply the bag of a slag, just large enough to hold a fresh pair of panties and a toothbrush, essential for the 21st century slut about town.

2. An offesnive term for a promiscuous slutty looking girl. Often to be shouted from a moving vehicle as said lady is passed on the street. Can be abbreviated to the initials S.B
1. Sharon; "i pulled last night, lucky i had my slag bag, he fucked me all night and my knickers were ruined"
Tracey "nice one you slag"

2. Trev; "oy Kev look at that dirty S.B"
Kev; "oy slaaaag baaaaag"
by Dick M8 November 3, 2008
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A girl who can't keep her hands off anyones ball sacks & enjoys sleeping with other people's boyfriends.
They usualy think there some sort of golddigga when really no boy's actualy like them.
'Wow she's really easy'
'who is'
'Tasha of corse'
'Oh she's a right Slag Bag'
by Clea Rasil January 4, 2009
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1. A creative insult for a person, usually a girl, who has many sexual partners. See slag

2. An actual bag filled with slags.

3. A general greeting, not meant to cause offense.
1. "Croy is such a slag-bag, she gives blow-jobs for crack behind Burger King."

2. "And then I slammed him with a slag-bag and his eye is still swollen!"

3. "Hey, you slag-bag, what's up?"
by HxCxSxC April 10, 2006
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The scrotum, slag bag also usually carries an oder addressing connotation.
Wooo... that is one stinky slag bag
by Reginold Turdingsworth March 7, 2005
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