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L.B. Rayne's lost love ballad from 1980, written and intended for the soundtrack of "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" is entitled "Skywalking".

The term "Skywalking" is a code/ innuendo for having sexual intercourse.
James: Bro, I was with Alyssa last night!

Steve: Details bro, details!

James: We hit the movies and afterwards when I was taking her home she started taking it like a champ. It felt great.

Steve: Damn, did you guys start Skywalking?

James: Na dude. We got spooked by a car passing by.

Steve: Damn. Better luck next time bro.
by Negro_Amigo February 03, 2010
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A relationship, with a person you don't realize is your sibling.
Friend: Hey isn't that your girlfriend?
Bro: No...
Friend: What, she saw your tiny dick and said no!?
Bro: More like we learned we were skywalking....
Friend: ... That's your sister?... WAIT YOU ALMOST FUCKED YOUR SISTER!?!!?!?
Bro: . . . . . .
by WolfyFox January 20, 2017
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The act of climbing high stuctures (e.g. cranes, bridges, statues, buildings, ...), usually without safety equipment.
Did you see that crazy Russian skywalking video?
by metabun March 24, 2014
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